Paul McCartney: The Love We Make
Herkunftsland:  USA
Jahr: 2011
Regie: Bradley Kaplan, Albert Maysles
Freigabe: Freigabe
EAN, Land, Regionalcode: 5-051300-512545
Laufzeit: 1:34 (94 Min.)
Verpackungstyp: Digipak
Bildformat: (Color, Black & White), 1.33:1, Vollbild
DVD-Format: Einseitig, Einschichtig
Veröffentlicht: 25. November 2011
Sammlungstyp: Besitz (#234)
Status: Verfügbar
Received: 09. December 2011
Gift from: Marcel
Bewertung Film: 0 / 10
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“There was so much suffering as a result of 9/11 it’s hard to imagine how one might bring relief to those who were impacted by the attacks, and honour those firefighters, police officers and rescue workers who lost their lives in their heroic attempt to help otheres. But Paul had the answer: music and a film that would tell the full stori.” — Albert Maysles

Paul McCartney was in New York on the day of the attacks, and saw first-hand the destruction and tragic consequences of one of the most horrific days in US history. Directors Maysles and Kaplan, along with editor Ian Markieicz have assembled extraordinary, intimate, never before seen footage of McCartney rehearsing for the benefit concert, connecting with New Yorkers on the city streets and storytelling behind the scenes at interviews with Dan Rather, Howard Stern and others.

Additionally, the film features performances from the benefit concert itself and unparalleled access backstage with McCartney and luminaries from the worlds of music, Hollywood and politics, including David Bowie, Steve Buscemi, Eric Clapton, President Bill Clinton, Sheryl Crow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Mick Jagger, Jay-Z, BIlly Joel, Elton John, Stella McCartney, Governor George Pataki, Keith Richards, James Taylor, Pete Townshend, and many more.
Paul McCartney: The Love We Make
Paul McCartney: The Love We Make
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Production Studios:
 • Maysles Films
 • MPL Communications
Media Companies:
 • Eagle Rock Entertainment
 • Eagle Vision
Englisch  PCM 2-Channel Stereo
Englisch  Dolby Digital 5.1
Englisch  DTS HD Master Audio 5.1
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1Main Feature
Bradley Kaplan....Regisseur
Albert Maysles....Regisseur
Paul McCartney....Ausführender Produzent
Bradley Kaplan....Produzent
Laura Coxson....Produzent
Susan Froemke....Produzent
Ian Markiewicz....Produzent
Katie Sorohan....Produzent
Albert Maysles....Kameramann
Ian Markiewicz....Schnitt
Peter Miller....Sound
Andy Kris....Re-Recording-Mixer
Martin Czembor....Aufnahmeleiter
Mariusz Glabinski....Sound Editor
David Wahnon....Sound Editor
Paul McCartney
David Adelson
Rusty Anderson
Jon Bon Jovi
David Bowie
Steve Buscemi
Jim Carrey
Eric Clapton
President Bill Clinton
Sheryl Crow
Billy Crystal
Roger Daltrey
Senator Tom Daschle
Garry Dell'abata
Leonardo DiCaprio
Mark DiDia
Gabe Dixon
John Entwistle
Melissa Etheridge
Harrison Ford
Michael J. Fox
Buddy Guy
Linda Hall
John Hamlin
John Hammel
Mick Jagger
Billy Joel
Elton John
David Kahne
Abe Laboriel, Jr.
Will Lee
Stella McCartney
George Meyers
Michael Moran
Pat O'Brien
Humphrey Ocean
Ozzy Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne
Governor George Pataki
Robin Quivers
Dan Rather
Keith Richards
Paul Shaffer
Andy Slater
Keith Smith
Zak Starkey
Howard Stern
John Sykes
James Taylor
Pete Townshend
Andrew Valentine
Barbara Walters
Mike Walley
Harvey Weinstein